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The “Dark Side” of Your Website Could Work Against You

Many e-commerce sites are still relying on “dark patterns,” and data privacy regulators have had enough.

California Business Divorce: Why Business Partners Split—and What to do About it in Your Operating Agreement

When two or more people start and operate a business together, there is a risk that at some point, someone will either want to leave or be forced out. Just as when spouses split, the "divorce" between business partners can be amicable or contentious, depending on the circumstances.

The Coming Sea Change in California Privacy Requirements

The California Privacy Protection Agency approved its first round of “final” implementing regulations under the California Privacy Rights Act on February 3rd. While these are technically still “proposed” regulations (pending approval by the Office of Administrative Law), what’s clear is that there is a very real sea change on the near horizon for any company doing business in California that collects consumers’ personal data, and that the sooner businesses move to meet what will be significant obligations, the better. 

CDPH Announces Sunset Dates For Many COVID-19 Requirements

On March 3, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced sweeping changes to its COVID-19 guidance related to masking, vaccination, and isolation after a positive COVID-19 test.  Most significantly, as of April 3, 2023, vaccination and masking will no longer be required of certain healthcare professionals and those working in other high risk settings.