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The Legal Risks of Greenwashing Are Real

When a company misrepresents its sustainability or eco-friendly policies, it is referred to as greenwashing, and consumer activists groups are taking action, warn attorneys with Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth. They look at several pending lawsuits, and offer steps for companies to be proactive to minimize their legal risks.

California Business Divorce: Reverse Veil Piercing: Permitting a Court to Hold a Company Liable for the Debt of an Individual Owner

You have likely heard the term “piercing the veil.” This legal doctrine permits a court to ignore corporate formalities and hold an individual owner liable for a company’s debt. But you may be less familiar with the doctrine of reverse veil piercing, which permits a court to hold a company liable for the debt of an individual owner.

New CDC Guidance, Proposed Updates To Emergency Temporary Standards, And Continued Immigration Flexibility

While some of us may have thought COVID-19 would be temporary, we now know it is here to stay.  Yesterday, the CDC released new guidance on what to do after being exposed to someone with COVID-19.  Additionally, Cal/OSHA is set to meet on September 15, 2022, in a public hearing to discuss and vote on updates to its COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standards (“ETS”) ranging from an updated definition of close contact to new outbreak standards.  If adopted, these updates will become part of the COVID-19 standards that employers will have to implement in the workplace. 

Navigating the Financial Incentive Requirement of the California Consumer Privacy Act

For as much attention as the CCPA has attracted over the past few years, one area of the Act that is often overlooked relates to how businesses with customer loyalty programs need to be transparent regarding how they are profiting from personal data.