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California Updates Mandatory Vaccination Requirement for Healthcare Workers

On August 5, 2021, the California Department of Public Health implemented an updated mandatory vaccination requirement for healthcare workers. The order is effective immediately and healthcare employers must achieve full compliance by September 30, 2021. Healthcare workers will no longer be able to subscribe to weekly testing to avoid vaccination as was allowed under the prior July 26, 2021 Order and will only be exempt from the requirement for religious reasons or due to a qualifying medical reason.

Antitrust Regulation Could Lead to Uptick in Tech Carve-outs

Shareholder Tom Waldman was quoted in the article, “Antitrust Regulation Could Lead to Uptick in Tech Carve-outs,” featured by Middle Market Growth.

Privacy.Minded: SEC Charges Company For Cybersecurity Disclosure Controls Violations

The SEC issued a new warning to senior executives: what you don’t know can hurt you, especially in the realm of cybersecurity.  The SEC recently settled with First American Financial Corporation in connection with a cybersecurity vulnerability that exposed reams of sensitive customer information. 

CA Supreme Court Determines Calculation for One Hour Of Premium Pay For Non-Compliant Meal, Rest, Or Recovery Periods

Under California law, if an employer does not provide an employee a compliant meal, rest or recovery period, under Labor Code section 226.7 that employer is required to “pay the employee one additional hour of pay at the employee’s regular rate of compensation.”  But how does one determine the amount of that one hour of pay – is it the employee’s base hourly rate of pay or the same regular rate of pay as that used to calculate overtime payments?

Elizabeth Warren Calls for More Scrutiny of Amazon-MGM Deal

Shareholder Shawn Collins was featured in the article, “Elizabeth Warren Calls for More Scrutiny of Amazon-MGM Deal,” published by The Los Angeles Times. 

Stradling Moves into Texas Market to Facilitate Western District Patent Litigation

Austin, Texas – June 2, 2021 – Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth LLP announced today that it is bolstering its national Intellectual Property practice with a full time office in Texas and the addition of seasoned IP litigator Bill Parrish, who has been based in Austin for over 30 years.