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Navigating the Financial Incentive Requirement of the California Consumer Privacy Act

For as much attention as the CCPA has attracted over the past few years, one area of the Act that is often overlooked relates to how businesses with customer loyalty programs need to be transparent regarding how they are profiting from personal data.

Recent Ruling Impacts California’s AB 979 Effort to Mandate “Underrepresented Community” Board Members

California’s Assembly Bill 979 (California Corporations Code § 301.4) was signed into law in September 2020 and requires public corporations with principal executive offices in the state to include a specific number of people from underrepresented communities on their boards of directors.

California Business Divorce: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction - Protecting Financial/Confidential Information When an Owner’s Personal Life Collides with Business Interests

You would not believe how many executives come to us with sensitive scenarios involving demands for company financial, confidential, and proprietary information when his/her private life goes unexpectedly sideways. These scenarios, which are so personal by nature, frequently involve assessing the individual’s net worth and demands for company financial information to ensure the opposition (in the personal matter) gets his/her just and fair share.