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Stradling Lawyers Secure $30K in Additional Funds for Pro Bono Client

Stradling recently obtained additional funds of over $30,600 for a pro bono client . We were brought into the case over two years ago by the Public Law Center. Our client is a Spanish-speaking laborer supporting a family of five. He had fallen victim to an orchestrated scheme enticing lower-income individuals to part with their hard-earned money on the pretense of a quick profit in a supposed house "flipping” investment.  Defendants falsely represented that our client would be the owner of the property, that the loan on the property would be taken out in his name, and that the use of the funds for the alleged “down payment” on the loan for the property was to be to the benefit of him by securing his ownership in the property – all of which turned out to be false.

California Business Divorce: Understanding IP Ownership in the Context of Operating a California Business

Picture a renowned winery in the heart of Napa Valley that has built its reputation on a trademark that connoisseurs associate with exceptional quality. This trademark, a symbol of years of hard work and dedication, represents the essence of the brand's identity and market appeal. Now, imagine the founders, once united by a shared vision, are embroiled in an irreconcilable dispute. As they contemplate separate paths forward, a critical question arises: who retains the rights to the trademark? The answer is pivotal, with far-reaching implications for both the future of both the business and the partners.

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Update – Cal/OSHA Released FAQs Ahead Of The July 1st Implementation Deadline

As promised, Cal/OSHA recently published Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) addressing various aspects of the Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (“WVPP”) that most employers must have in place by July 1, 2024.  You can access these FAQs here.  While the FAQs are not exhaustive, employers can find answers to some key questions about the required content of their written WVPP, how to implement the WVPP and related training requirements.  A few of the FAQ’s are discussed below.

Planning for the Plan: Cal/OSHA Publishes Model Workplace Violence Prevention Plan and Fact Sheet

As many employers now know, Senate Bill 553 (“SB 553”) mandates that covered employers implement their written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan(s) and employee training programs by July 1, 2024.  On March 1, 2024, Cal/OSHA released a model Plan which employers may now use to get a head start on preparing their Plan(s). However, in addition to the Model Plan being fairly bare bones with lots of customization required, as is the case with new legislation, some uncertainties still remain.  As noted below, contact one of our attorneys if you need assistance in preparing the final Plan(s) for your company.